Daikaiju Pilgrimage

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A lumbering shaggy giant beast approaches a spired city from the sea

Kaiju monsters work for me because of the almost complete lack of greater meaning, in most cases. Why have reasons for giant monsters attacking towns and cities, beyond the perfunctory? In a similar spirit, I really didn’t have a plan for this, other than having the fairly traditional giant monster approaching settlement from the sea routine. The rest was me following where my mechanical pencil took me.

I’m quite happy with the result, and the image feels like there’s a lot more to it than meets the eye, so I couldn’t resist the title.

8 thoughts on “Daikaiju Pilgrimage

    • Thanks Urmi. It all comes down to the scale and complexity of the city in the distance, which in some ways I had more fun drawing than the monster itself. So everyone wins.

  1. Much as I love the otherworldliness of the monster, it’s the little details like the water around its legs and the cityscape that really make this stand out.

  2. This kaiju monster has such a well formed buttocks – I bet it did a lot of under water squats while waiting for just the right moments to bring TOTAL ANNIHILATION to the puny human world. Also, he’s shaggy! Like a muppet! HA! 🙂

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