Commemorative Postage Stamps

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Triangular postage stamp with strange woman figure with arm outstretched, an alien bird, some jets and a Sun motif

Postage stamps were invented out of purely practical necessity, but over time, they grew into strange beasts with an inexplicable charm and a weird visual language of their own. The commemorative postage stamp is especially interesting to me, because they are often so random and mysterious to someone who doesn’t quite know what they are meant to celebrate or signify.

I decided to make a random alien commemorative postage stamp, as mysterious and yet familiar as any you might have seen before. But when you can’t read the text, and have no context to interpret it from, what do you see?

The result is decent, although these sketches are a constant reminder that I need to seriously take up a study of human anatomy if I hope to execute even a few of my many ideas for illustrations with any level of finesse.

9 thoughts on “Commemorative Postage Stamps

  1. Is that a duck with a mohawk? That is supremely cool. I would want to make it the official stamp of a secret island and will so outbid other contenders!! But this is all hush-hush now.

    • Actually this is all about wanting to sit in a room full of strangers wearing bad suits and raise your hand at all the worst moments and mess up the auction isn’t it? Better yet, one of those cards that you raise to up the bid, with a 😛 printed in bold on it. I know what you’re thinking.

  2. Nice composition!

    I like the way the eye first sees the lady and the space ship (okay, some kind of goddess of space travel, sure) and then.. mohawk duck. Whaaaaaa—? : D

    • Thanks. It all makes complete logical sense. Or at least it will one day, when people who’ve never met me will decipher my psychological motivation for drawing a mohawk duck. 🙂

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