Cloud Art Gallery

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Art gallery in the sky consisting of floating frames for clouds and a vaguely Vistorian floating audience

I find it to be near-impossible to take a bad picture of a decent cloudy sky. Clouds seem to have a guaranteed artistry to them, so when I was faced with tackling art gallery as a topic, my love of clouds and a touch of fantasy led me to think of an art gallery in the sky.

And umbrellas were just begging to be included.

7 thoughts on “Cloud Art Gallery

  1. I absolutely love this one! brilliant idea..

    Although this website has been missing some colour in the last few weeks.. I think even just a blue sky on this would have been nice

    • Thanks Candy.

      I agree about the colour and would love to colour all my drawings, but I’m behind enough as it is, and I’ve decided just churning out drawings is the best form of practice for me for now. I will get t colouring all these in the future, I hope.

  2. The scale of this drawing really comes through even without colour, and I love each and every whimsical element of this, from the main left figure’s awkward pose to the man zooming away on his sleek ‘sports coupe’ umbrella. 🙂

    • It’s another one to colour properly at some point. Although, I’ll be hard-pressed to choose between a flat-coloured ligne claire style and a completely painted, more traditional style.

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