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Woman with a spear on a beach, a starfish on the sand and clouds painted across the sky

The seaside is a vast topic, and an even vaster reality. Those of us who’ve grown up by the sea, in coastal towns and cities, never quite realise its hold on us until we’re landlocked. The sea, the grand expanse out there, has a mystery of its own, and the seaside, the beach, that narrow band of ever shifting contact between two worlds is an adventurous borderland of discoveries and fascination. We may not all spend a lot of time there but at heart we are all beachcombers, sifting thorough the sand and sea-weed to find some treasure spit out by the other world.

5 thoughts on “Beachcomber

  1. Very nice (Dutch!) angle, and that starfish really is quite lovely.

    To help stretch out the perspective, I suggest adding a few tiny dots to the sand all the way up to the figure, just to remind us what she’s standing on. The feet are good though, I get a nice sense of the character really standing on the ground.

    • Thank you. The suggestion of dots is a good one. I will bring that in whenever I get around to taking this toward a more complete illustration, which I should.

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