Batman Nightwatch

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Batman plays with a friendly cat while perched on a gargoyle, surveying the city below through binoculars

Batman is probably my favourite costumed comic character, but that doesn’t mean drawing him comes easy. If anything, my own expectations of how magnificent anything involving Batman should look sabotages any hope of my getting a satisfactory result. Still, eventually the pen must be put down on paper and something must be scrawled in ink, and this is what I came up with.

All done in fountain pen lines as minimal outlines, but I found that as it stood, this worked better in the negative with a bit of a blue added in for some extra character. It might be worthy of a more proper colour treatment at some point, but for now, as a sketch, it is done.

9 thoughts on “Batman Nightwatch

  1. … just wondering. an even more minimalist experiment might include:

    those lines most critical to the pithy essence of the idea (of Batman). lines that need no support, and indeed would somehow be less pure, almost contaminated by lines without higher value.

    each line is a glyph, prophetic of it’s purpose, and whether heavy gauge and hateful, or dusty and blurred, is as intentional as the last night of a play.

    sometimes only when we let go, do we find

    • Well wondered. The essence of Batman, or for that matter of any fictional or public figure, is an interesting answer to try to conjure, because like most things I suspect it would be very different things to different people. But with Batman, the archetypal nature of the character opens him up further to interpretation.

      What splash of shape or form or philosophy would each of us choose to represent Batman? Some would fixate on the appearance, the fear-inducing symbology of him, some on his mission, some on his dual nature, some on his inherent human vulnerability. We see different things as essence, because these very intentional few lines of definition would be unintentionally a reflection of ourselves in a way. Eventually, with all the varied essences placed next to each other, you would have to wonder whether what we had each been capturing was the essence of Batman, or how we see ourselves.

  2. I too was amused that Samir and I chose the classic Gargoyle/Batman imagery!
    I always love seeing Bats doing something absurd, like hanging off a really, really, really high building waiting for the Commish to send out the Bat Call spotlight thing. Why does he climb up so high? What if there aren’t any clouds and the projection has nothing to project on to? What is Batmans go-to energy snack?

    The silhouettes in the background of the city are really beautiful, super graphic – it reminds me of Mike Mignola.

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