Balance of Power

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Elephant with jetpack stands at the starting line with the hare and the tortoise

Fountain pen drawing over a loose pencil sketch.

I was trying here to go a little beyond the thing that comes most naturally to me, the half-finished sketch. This site is meant to help me loosen my hand and ease the drawing process through practice, but that doesn’t mean each sketch needs to be treated too lightly.

As far as strange beginnings go, I though an elephant with a jet pack competing against the traditional pair of the hare and the tortoise was strange enough, for now.

6 thoughts on “Balance of Power

    • Thanks Divya. The flow of the lines is really what I started drawing with the fountain pen for. I see those old pen and ink illustrations and etchings, with perfectly placed contour lines, and I want to capture at least some of that ordered chaos. I’m nowhere close yet, but I try.

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