At the Fallen Log

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female archer faces off against mythical antlered creature in forest clearing by vishal k bharadwaj

I think what you draw for a topic like Mythical Beasts of the Lost Forest says something about you, or at least about how you view forests. For me they are more wonder than dread, more mystery than playground, a connection to something ancient yet ever-evolving that an urban space cannot duplicate.

This feeling is exemplified quite well in the films of Hayao Miyazaki, which is why when I started on this my hands inevitably brought forth something Studio Ghibli-esque.

I hope I have done those fantastic artists justice.

3 thoughts on “At the Fallen Log

  1. I can definitely see the Miyazaki/Ghibli influence! The little details beneath the log are really nice, I’d love to see more detail carried throughout the entire piece!

  2. Agree with Spyder here, that bit of detail where the water falls on to the stones, and the rock in the background with the runes is especially well done. That little section of the scene almost works as an illustration on its own.

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