Animé Pair

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Anime style guy holding a playing card and standing back to back with an anime girl sticking her tongue out

I’ve been a big fan of animé and its art for a long time. I was fortunate enough to stumble across stray animé tapes in old video stores when I was a kid. With all the science fiction, fantasy and more mature story lines, it was love at first sight. In spite of this, I’ve never really attempted to draw in an animé style, and the topic of animé pretty boys and pretty girls was my chance to give it a shot.

The results are satisfactory but not great. The sketch suffers from the same shortcomings as every animé or manga style drawing done casually (and sometimes professionally) by artists who are not Japanese. What most of us end up doing is to use our existing anatomical skills and conventions and paste typical Animé elements on the surface. What is required is to build figures from the ground up with the animé aesthetic in mind, a trick I can hopefully teach myself in time. For now, this is a decent start.

2 thoughts on “Animé Pair

  1. What I like about this drawing is how it is both anime and entirely in ‘your’ style (or at least your style as it is right now). With anime it’s always the eyes that are the most important aspect, and you’ve nailed them here.

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