Animated Alien Girlfriend

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Four-eyed, three-fingered alien girl waving out from a futuristic animated photo

Not being an expert on the subject of girlfriends, aliens, or alien girl friends, when presented with the topic My girlfriend is an alien, I chose clichés as my ticket out.

Surely alien girl friends would also give you photos of them to keep with you at all times, to return to owner when lost etc. And being an alien girl friend with advanced technology, I would hope this photo would be special. Animated, for example.

2 thoughts on “Animated Alien Girlfriend

  1. That you take the extra effort to animate things like this makes me very, very jealous.

    Unfortunately I’m also very, very lazy, so won’t actually do anything to rectify that.

    • Besides the extra time to be put in, these don’t end up being as difficult as they seem; This particular one was only 3 frames.

      I am going to push myself to do animated images more often. If I’m using this site to practice drawing, which I haven’t done properly in ages, I might as well also use it to learn animation, which I’ve been planning to do for ages.

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