An Evening at Ch’Kandra Ascent

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elf warrior cleaning sword on beach near floating island cities

Doing a rather epic catch-up after not posting most of this week. I’m trying to get ahead of the game, and that will mean some sacrifices. Mostly, this means I will not be colouring this and future doodles before posting them. I may, at a later date, do just that and if so will update relevant entries with links to coloured versions.

With regards to this particular image, on the subject of Landscape, I have cheated somewhat by using the topic as a backdrop for a character. I’m fairly happy with the execution of this, except for the indecisive linework here and there. My anatomy and perspective drawing is getting a little better, though.


PS You will note that the title of this post contains an entirely unnecessary apostrophe in the name, as is mandatory in all fantasy-related things.

6 thoughts on “An Evening at Ch’Kandra Ascent

  1. I CAN I CAN! I find that the floating cities will have a bother of a time with trade and other economic functions. I Suggest you take it up with your fantasy congressman, the bridges need extension/expansion not to mention the jobs that will be created. How long would it take for a duel from the lowest to the highest city, if you have to go through the one in between? Not to mention dual tolls. Perhaps a toll reciprocity scheme, to ensure that duelling parties are not hindered in their quest for MAD?

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