Abode of Intrigue #13

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cover to abode of intrigue issue 13 by vishal k bharadwaj

I swear, I didn’t plan on Hand being the 13th topic, but it turned out well. Like most amateur illustrators (and some professionals), drawing the human hand has always posed problems. And in the four examples of digital dexterity in this image you can sort-of see all the ways I fail in depicting them, be it anatomy or perspective or foreshortening. I did use a reference for this — my own hand — but did so ‘live’ because I was too lazy to take a photo. If you ever see someone looking at their hand for too long, then furiously scribbling on a piece of paper, then chances are they’re trying to draw a hand.

I’m fairly happy with the rest of this despite the fact that I went in with almost no plan, which resulted in much use of the eraser as I tried to get both hands and typography to look somewhat good (the title is hideously kerned, which irks my designer brain no end).


7 thoughts on “Abode of Intrigue #13

  1. Thanks for reminding me of paranormal activity again, Vishal! I wish you would render some of these awesome illustration (this one maybe, was not intended for that), but if you had made the face of the woman look a little misty and the hands covered in blood red or something along those lines, it would have made the entire cover much more dramatic.I loved the hands.

  2. I think that hand reaching toward us actually has good foreshortening. The little finger is the only thing I question a bit.

    I like this magazine cover approach, like earlier when you did that pulp novel cover. So what’s next, a movie poster?

  3. I agree w/ Maija, the hand looks pretty good – especially if you were using live reference (I do this all the time, actually. I suggest you do this MORE – I find there’s a lot more to learn from drawing a 3D object versus a photo when you can – YEAH LIFE DRAWING!).

    Of course the pulp aspect is faboo. I like that the content is only “mildly diverting” – perfect for those with weak heart conditions who can’t handle the content from The Man in Number 41.

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