A Precious 75, of course.

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imaginary postage stamp featyring a swan-like bird

Week 2 of our little sketch blog begins with Postage Stamp. Not exactly an ambitious attempt, but drawing all those lines takes more time than you’d think, and makes one’s hands ache like crazy.

3 thoughts on “A Precious 75, of course.

  1. The head and beak of the swan would make a great icon on their own, and the way some of the shapes from the bird are mirrored in the typography really binds it all together visually. I’m sure even a flat colour version of this would work without too much extra effort.

    • This one is done on an A4 sheet, in a hurry. I’d have liked to have taken my time with this on a bigger paper. I seem to work better on larger sheets. Maybe a do-over in a few months on a weekend.

      (btw, I didn’t make it clear in the emails, but do-overs & multiple takes on the same topic are fine too.)

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