A Free world

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Let me just share a short verse for Punk philosophy. I chose to symbolize anarchism. I don’t know how successful I’ve been, but here it is. (another subject that left me stumped).

A free world,
No masters, No gods,
We want.
A free world,
where we are equal,
A free world,
Where love is not limited by sexuality,
A free world,
where like birds we may fly,
in the cerulean of a sky,
Not reddened by the blood of hatred and racism,
A free world,
Where the only religion is freedom

3 thoughts on “A Free world

  1. Thanks again:) Punk philosophy is wide spread, that to me, somehow, anarachy made the most sense. Glad my illustration did it justice. Also, these are fuji water paints Vishal. I love them simply for the fact that they look like ink and are actually sheets of paper you dip in water.

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