A belated wish

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Thank you Samir for teaching me how to do this in GIMP. Didn’t really do much by way of creative colouring – but am thrilled to bits that I finally found an easier way of getting my drawing through on the PC. Tried some creativity with the arabic in the top left corner.. don’t know how successful that was 🙂

3 thoughts on “A belated wish

  1. Glad to see GIMP starting to make sense for you.

    The Arabic calligraphy trick in the corner is a very good start. It does what it is designed to do (spells out Diwali in Arabic, for those who can’t read the script) while also forming the lamp. It’s actually the perfect thing to learn Inkscape for, because creating and cleaning up shapes like that is what that is good for. Try that too in time. 🙂

  2. Yeay! You got it! Good atleast one person saw the ‘Dal’ as the flame.
    This morning Martin asked me if it spelt out ‘Yuri’ in Arabic, heheh…

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