8th Wonder

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I don’t know why, but blue evoked the image of the clear blue of a baby’s eyes in my mind. It was my first thought. I won’t say much more. I present to you, My blue eyed baby. (guess the romanticism in me will die hard)

6 thoughts on “8th Wonder

  1. The blue works really well as the only color. I like how you’ve managed to shade with it, the different values add a lot of life to the eyes and the… pacifier, is that it in English?

  2. The shading on the face is really nicely done, I get a good sense of the roundness of the face.

    I didn’t even notice the pacifier was in the shape of an elephant. Cute!

    Did you draw this from reference or was the baby all your own creation? Good stuff.

  3. @samir
    Well, I took the picture in bright sunlight and then tweaked the brightness for better effects. I am a fast learner that way:D
    Thank you.
    It’s not my own creation, It’s from a photo reference I found online. Portraits are normally a little difficult to do without reference. My basic idea here was to show the innocent blue of a baby’s eyes.

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