Mother, the “wonder woman”

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Muscular, sinewy, like a man she fought the bad world,

Her anger seared and cursed, her eyes liked embers burned.

With her golden rope, she flew like an eagle,

Forever looking for trouble.

Faster than the wind she could run,

She was called the Wonder Woman.

Tired and dejected, one day she soared, high into the sky,

Wondering why her heart would cry,

She felt her belly lurch and turn,

But she could not understand the heartburn.

Then she saw, a serene sight,

With her hands protectively around her growing mound,

On the ground walked,

An expecting Mother.

And then realization dawned,

Like the rising sun,

The real wonder woman was the mother.

When I saw today’s topic, I had no idea that “wonder woman” was actually a popular comic character. It was only after I saw Samir’s sketch that I realized this. Anyway, I decided to stick to the first thing that came to my mind on seeing “wonder woman” was “Mother”. She has been the ultimate wonder woman in my life. But then, since the intended theme was the comic character, I decided to make a story sort of image with the wonder woman and an expecting woman. It depicts how the wonder woman, though strong and manly, desires to be a mother. It’s that moment that she wishes to live.

I’ve used colour pencils and a normal black gel pen. Been a long time since I did such intense rendering. My hands hurt, but it was well worth the 1 hour and 30 minutes that it took. Oh and please, do not laugh at my juvenile poem. (I quite liked it)

6 thoughts on “Mother, the “wonder woman”

  1. From not knowing who Wonder Woman is to this is quite a quick and skilful leap. And interpretations that steer away from the norm are welcomed here.

    Well done.

  2. I was almost disappointed that no one noticed my sketch, or did but had nothing to say. Thanks for being the saving grace Samir. 🙂 Mother will always be my wonder woman. Also, thanks to this, I learned something new about the rich history of comics.

    • Anjali, as with critiques in the real world, sometimes people just run out of things to say … sort of critique fatigue … or some pieces just slip through the cracks. I have plenty of pictures here with no comments, in fact. With a site as active as this one has become so soon, such things are bound to happen. If and when it does, consider no news to be good news. 🙂

      And glad you’re learning new things about comics. The sharing of tips and experiences and influences is in important part of a project like this.

  3. I am used to attention and when i don’t get it, i tend to get cranky. But I will act like an adult now and do my thing and just feel happy about diving back into art with vengeance:D

  4. I like that you interpreted the topic both in the traditional (i.e. the super-hero) and the more metaphorical way, and combined the two!

    And yes, I do like the poem. 🙂

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