A number of things

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Catching up!

The Crash of the Beta Class luxury vessel Archeteuthis X on the tropical island planet of Xaranth.

The 3 headed dragon of the Sorami Forest meets lunch.

The Red Priestess of the Skull


The Doctor!

10 thoughts on “A number of things

  1. Bravo! *applause*
    Spyder, they are all quite brilliant, but the priestess and the crash win for me due to their mystery. When what you draw hints at what you didn’t draw, you’ve done a great job.

  2. Now this is what I call catching up! On each drawing:

    1) So minimal, yet it perfectly conveys the scale and er, sciencefictionyness of the subject!

    2) Looks like we had similar ideas for this topic, but I prefer yours infinitely. I’ve always been a fan of the little touches you put in your work, and in this I am particularly fond of the spiral squiggles on the rocks throughout.

    3) This might be my favourite for that bold, graphic orange shape alone.

    4) It’s the Doctor on a dinosaur — I don’t even have to be a Who fan to know that is AWESOME. 🙂

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